Resume Don’ts

At ASTAR Recruitment, we believe that it is just as important what you decide to leave out of your resume, as what you decide put in. Below is a list of things that should never be included in your resume.

A Bad Photo is Never Good

Adding a photo of yourself on your resume is entirely your choice, however when you decide which photo to add make sure it is good. Ensure that your photo is:

  • High resolution
  • Professional looking and current
  • Presentable

This photo can be used on your LinkedIn profile as well.

Never include a grainy image from your last holiday or from a night out. It will not leave a great impression on your prospective employer.

A current work number or email address

If you are sending out your resume to potential employers, ensure that you create a professional sounding email address. Do not list your current company email address or your office number as it may create issues if anyone in your current workplace grasps that you are applying for a different job.

Never be negative

Your resume is a marketing document that demonstrates your skills in a positive way. That means, that you must stay positive.

Never mention anything in your resume that is unpleasant. Even if you had a difficult manager, you should never write their name down on your resume. In saying that, if you get further along the interview process and are shortlisted for the position, you can briefly explain to the interviewer why you will not be providing a reference for your last manager.

Leave out the unnecessary details

Irrelevant job experiences can be left out of your resume as it may distract from your more relevant recent employment history. Your resume should market yourself and your experiences based on the job that you are applying for. Attempt to be clear, concise and current.

Career Objectives

Your career objective is generally indicated by the fact that you applied for the job, so it is unnecessary to include it in your resume. In saying that however, you may wish to add a brief personal statement for the reader to give them a better idea of your interests, passions and goals for the future.