About Us

Welcome to ASTAR Recruitment

ASTAR Recruitment is a leading recruitment agency specialising in career placements for Temporary, Permanent and contract based roles throughout a wide range of industry sectors.

Our philosophy is to deliver the best quality recruitment services Australia wide and in New Zealand. With our wholistic approach combined with our dedicated team of professionals, ASTAR has become a key provider of job placement services to businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. We have not only cemented our reputation as a leading recruitment agency in Sydney but also Australia wide and in New Zealand.

We identify opportunities to provide valuable services to clients, which largely remain untapped by other recruitment service providers.

Through the years, our success has been driven by our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients, being there for them 24/7 and a strong focus on building long-term relationships.

CUSTOMERS FIRST – We put the needs and requirements of our customers ahead of everything else. We take the time to listen and understand their needs, to provide recommendations that will suit and benefit their business.

INTEGRITY – We take pride in our honesty, diligence and integrity when dealing with all of our stakeholders.

PARTNERSHIPS – We encourage and promote respect for our partners and strive to create a team environment that is based on trust. We aim to collaborate with our stakeholders to achieve optimal success.