About Us


ASTAR Personnel was conceived from the shared vision of a small but determined team of recruitment specialists to revolutionise the industry with tailor-made staffing solutions at competitive prices.

It was our observance that many recruitment services in Sydney, failed to offer their clients 100% tailor-made solutions. Also, they failed to offer value for money. It was our belief that we could make a difference in the lives of individuals and organisations by matching skills to requirements in a manner that saves time and money for both parties. Our commitment to delivering results ensured that ASTAR Personnel, while offering the best prices in the industry, never compromised on the quality of services offered.

Forging Strong Relationships

To date, ASTAR Personnel’s success has stemmed from the value we've placed on people. It is our firm belief that focusing on building mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and candidates is the key to offering the best recruitment solutions. We are defined by the relationships we’ve nurtured with our clients and candidates and this is what translates into success for ASTAR Personnel.

Our commitment lies in offering our clients exceptional services customised to suit their requirements, which is accomplished by listening to and understanding their needs to the minute detail. For us, it is not about simply filling a vacancy, but making candidate recommendations that are unmatched in the market place.

Knowledge & Experience

Our team at ASTAR Personnel is an embodiment of knowledge and expertise that comes from years of operating in the recruitment industry and understanding the changing needs of our clients. Each of our associates possess specialised knowledge across a wide range of industries and job specifications and have developed astute instincts when it comes to people, a by-product of our intense focus on relationship-building.

Fully Accredited

We have a no-compromise policy when it comes to work ethics. We firmly believe in doing things by the book. This is evident from the fact that the owners of ASTAR Personnel are fully fledged members of the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA). As an accredited recruitment agency in Sydney, we are in a position to offer our clients the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a reliable company. Also, we are entitled to ongoing training programmes that keeps us abreast with the latest happenings in the industry. This advantage itself keeps us ahead of many recruitment agencies in Sydney.


Our flexible approach is geared towards making the entire process as simple as possible for our clients. From meeting times and locations to timelines, our clients are in control for a fully tailored solution.